Should I need to feed again? Auto strain

I need some look if I need to feed again my plant, the only I know is I had 4 week left so around two more week I need to stop feed her, I just feed her on Saturday

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@Low @FullyMedicated @MrPeat @yoshi

Today I need to feed some water with calmag I feed her on Saturday should I add nute again today or on my next feed time, I have light off now went I turn on I post some pic and wait 20 minute to add water with calmag and pH on 6.51

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Are you measuring PPM? That would be the best way to manage proper nute levels.

Not @MidwestGuy I just do 2 or 1 feed time and 2 water pH with calmag

I don’t feed Cal-mag with nutrients. Just water and Cal-mag then the next day nutrients and water.

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OK @MrPeat thanks you, how many weeks you thinking I had left?

Just feed her water pH with calgma how long you think she be mature?

Probably 4 weeks.

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@Mefis how did it go

@Dclark thanks for following I think she need like 2 or 3 weeks

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That’s today just now

Nice can u get close up of trichome using a scope or loupe

Nop I had that problem that I order one Loupe and never come so from where I see she need to end eat some of the white pistils and she be ready

Dunno what to suggest bro

Maybe come before this 3 weeks if is not coming I go to take a look on here if i see is ready I cut Her and my other seed do some better work