Should i move these ladies to 12/12 now?


Hi guys, first time over sensative baby/grower…

These babies are 6 wks old under strict 18/6.
Should i move to flower (12/12) now? And when i do… water with the same Neuts for a week before giving the new concuction?


Welcome, That would depend how much height do you have? do you want to grow them out or do you want to flower them and have bud as soon as possible?

…these are decisions you’re going to have to make, that said you can flower a plant at any time

need information, are those Autos? before I give you feeding information I would like to know what you’re feeding them ?

you might want to fill out a support ticket, they’re on the main page

  • good luck!


Well put. Hard to answer without knowing your basic info. Space. Lights. Feed. Medium etc. how big do you want them.
Id always advise trying to get the most out of your plant for the room you have.
So if you have space id grow her out.