Should I move plant or stick it out?

So I planted a clone just for fun in the middle of July with no intention of making it to harvest. She’s doing really well! Haven’t done much throughout the grow but water her. Anyway, my dilemma as a new grower is not knowing if I should move my plant. So she’s planted in the ground and it is getting pretty damn cold here at night. Been in the mid 30s a couple nights. She’s been fine, but I noticed some leaves turning this morning and I feel like I should pot her and take her inside over night. I’m just scared I’ll kill her while transplanting her. What should I do? I’m am still probably a couple weeks from harvest. Micro scope is on the way and the hairs are starting to darken and curl. Should I just leave it or try and move it to a pot? Again I don’t have really any gardening skills, so there’s a good chance I may mess the root system up while moving her

The temp lows for the next 10 days are mid 40s

Don’t know strain

Please anyone that could help me out I would appreciate it

So some sort of rodent decided to make a home out of my plant plot in the last day or so. Went out today to check on her and she’s all but dead. Everything is sagging. So I decided to pot her and see if I can rejuvenate her. Looks like she’s gone though :frowning: gonna harvest anyways in a bit, but looks like I’m coming up short this season. Next year!

sorry to here is she in flower or veg? if she’s in veg you can bring her back to health