Should I move my outdoor plants to a wooded area?

I have 9 potted plants doing very well (3-5 feet high, dense and bushy) and flowering. They are interspersed in our fenced vegetable garden among 6-ft tomatoes and climbing green beans. The garden is very sunny, at the front of our property close to a cul de sac in a rural area.

I am considering moving them to a wooded area of the property, where they will receive less sunlight but be more secure. I can place them in the bed of my rarely-driven truck in front of our pole barn, and back the truck into the barn if we are expecting company that might walk around the property.

Given that the shorter days trigger flowering, what will be the impact of less sunlight at this point of the growing process?

If there is a shade line along the trees that would be a good spot. They need a little of that direct sun. I let mine get full on sun first couple hours of morning, then in the evening before the sun gets behind the oaks. But mine aren’t 5ft. Some rays cutting through the top canopy of the trees does good on mine though, since the sun is freaking beaming now anyways.

Your main issue will most likely be bugs or pests. Keep a good supply of plant and human safe, organic pesticides. Jacks Dead Bug is good, you just have to use it every other day until you can’t see evidence, then once or twice a week after to maintain. Pyrethrin is a good natural one as well. Diatomaceous earth on the top soil is like glass on a bugs feet. Raccoons and squirrels will try as well, every now and again, so a pellet gun may come in handy lol. I had a stray cat spray a girl just going in veg and destroyed it.

Hope this helps!!! Happy growing!!!


There is a small clearing in front of the barn, so a couple of hours of direct sun should be available. I placed them in the same area when I did my final transplant on July 2, and left them there while we vacationed for a week. Also placed them in an inflatable pool with a few inches of water. They looked fabulous when we returned on July 9.

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Lol just laying in the pool soaking up the sun and suds. Well, water not suds, but that’s great. It’s been tough with mine because I’m in SE Texas. The heat this next week is set to hit almost 100°F. I watched a fly zoom from a shady area into the sun and vaporize. Not really, but it’s brutal. I have to move mine around every day. With all yours I would scout the best spot so moving won’t be a future issue.