Should I LST these White Widow Autos?

I tied some of my plants down it was kindly obvious they needed it. I have a few like this one , that I’m unsure if they need to be LST. The tops are showing signs of pre flowering but the shoots hasn’t grown out . I can see the shoots they are there . But they haven’t grown out yet. Should I LST where sun can get to them better or leave them alone and they will eventually grow like they should?


Limited experience here. I have some autos outside To and experimenting with different methods of training LST being one. Typically outdoors they should get plenty of light penetration from the sun. Kinda looks like yours might be competing with surrounding veg for light. I’d bend them over. Better to do it now than wait till the stem is to thick and rigid. JMHO


I don’t do any training on autos. They are very sensitive. The best results I’ve had is letting them do their thing.

Here’s my Amnesia Haze auto. She’s about two and a half feet tall.


That is what I’m thinking. The veg is keeping the sun from hitting the sides of the plants. I wish I could get them out of the veg. But under the current circumstances I got to keep them in coverage. Thank you for the help. You have helped me out a lot this year. I appreciate it.


I wish I didn’t have to do any LST. But I’m thinking the shoots isn’t growing because they are not getting much direct sun . I got a couple in the ground and they are growing like they should. Thank you for the help! Your plants are beautiful by the way.


I think what ever you decide to do will work out.

When the plant starts to stretch for flower the lower branches will most likely catch up.

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Okay, I went ahead and got my plants out of the weeds and put them in the open in direct sun light and feed them.I’m going to wait another week to see if that helps. Which it should make all the difference in the world. Thanks again!!


First timer here, have WW auto indoor grow and after about 45 days I used LST to the best of my ability to maximize bud sites and now, LST is my new best friend lol Best to you on your journey!

Normally I would say yes but normally I’m replying to people growing indoors or outside with space, you seem to be doing a gorilla grow and thus I would leave them alone.
Hope you ammended that soil, do you water them or just let nature run its course? If you do make sure your PH’ing that water.

Best of luck.