Should I lower my light?

I have my spider farmer 1000d LED 21 inches from the canopy. I am on day 90 from seed sprout. My buds are beautiful but the trichs are still mostly clear with very little amber. Should I lower the light to speed up the trich color from clear to milky/amber?

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If they are clear, they are still maturing. Lets see a pic of the plant and bud. Make sure you are checking calyx intead of sugar leaves. Lowering the intensity of the light might help make her speed up.


Unfortunately my light doesn’t have a dimmer. Should I raise it a few inches?


Sure thing. Itll lower the ppfd, same as lowering the intensity.

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21 inches should be very safe, that’s probably about 450ppdf in the center.

You can definitely raise it at this point I don’t feel neither would hurt I wouldn’t move it closer.

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Iv never personally owned a 1000 but I have worked with several individuals that have had them and have to admit they do make a great light. Powerful for the price, the footprint of the light is smallish but it’s only 100 watts.

Im helping a guy right now using one for two photos and when I left I had it set at around 36 DLI at 18inches at 75%.

These two pictures are the difference from one visit 2 weeks later.

He will be switching to flower this week I’m gonna make another visit to make sure everything’s still acceptable.


I see a lot of water spots on your leaves in the top picture. Be careful of that or you risk nutrient burn on the leaves.


Yes, water can act as a magnifying glass and burn tender leaves. That wasn’t the case here with such a small light. This person has already harvested this run.

Ditto, pictures please.