Should I lollipop autos

On my 3rd grow.When I’ve harvested there’s been a lot of lower bud that doesn’t amount to much.Would it help to remove some of these and a little pruning

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Nope you don’t want to accidentally trim a bud site with autos

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How far along in flower is she?
With either autos or photos, while in veg. I will remove the first growth tip (bud sight) from a branch. Basically anticipating that they won’t amount to much later on so get rid of them early on. Depending on the LST used, I will evaluate the potential of each lower interior growth tip. If it will not receive good light penetration or approach the main canopy I will remove it. With a vertical (untrained) auto I will make the same evaluation. If it is shaded and the on the bottom third of the plant, why keep it? Let what it would consume go to the rest of the better buds.
If in the first week or two of flower, I also will also remove small buds that lack potential.
This is a jack herer auto. Just about ready to flower and I removed 15 interior lower buds.

Four days later I removed another 10 buds

You can see she is starting flower. Removed growth tips and related leaves

This is what I removed.

Six days after the last bud removal

She is just shy of two weeks in flower. I will check her one more time. I don’t think there is much else to remove. If there is, I will do it now and then hands off other than leaf tucking and spread out in scrog that was put in after this photo.

You can check her out at An auto, three photos and a clone


Thank you for the advice going to give it a try