Should I kick this autopot section off?

I’ll check the valve on occasion and if I see the roots are growing through if they are I give the pot a turn to keep them away from the valve.


I thought you had that problem licked?

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So did I. Until I check the others I won’t know for sure but although it’s not supposed to happen I dont think it caused trouble. This time…

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Doing my first autopot grow and one of the plants roots really got into the valve chamber. Caught it just in time before flooding my tent. Don’t think I got the coir buffered properly. Been having lots of problems but it’s my first non-hydroponic grow. Was hoping it would help me eliminate quite a bit of equipment and not worry about a power loss so much,

I’m going to double up with the old pot socks and the drawstring pot socks and see if this helps. Those tray clogs really affected my grow.

A little deck love


Nice shot!!!

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Yes sir


Any crappie in the lake? Great view

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It’s a decent “lil bit of everything” lake. 900 acres.crappie,bass,walleye,musky etc…my pb crappie here is 17” but the norm is 8-10. The walleye on the other hand…

Do love me some walleye. I have to drive a little ways to fish for walleye but have lots of crappie near by.

@Newb1 maybe some useful stuff here


@Pinboy Awesome thanks

So here I go again. After a long disastrous summer I finally have a new grow started up. 5 in coco and 1 in happyfrog. 4 blackberry moonrocks and 2 hella jellies.
I told the kid to clear the tent out within a couple days, his stuff is over done anyway.


@Dforce @Coonass
I’m over here. I’ll be updating about once a week


Here’s a little update almost a week later. By the end of the weekend I’m planning on having them topped and put in the trays with the system turned on.

Notice the smallest plant. It’s the only one that’s in soil, everyone else is in coco


I don’t know what it is but I just get stuff done lately. The girls have all been topped and I believe I have caught up to the mag deficiency. I’m working on re-setting the tent.


Finally!! Some know and some don’t but I’ve had a bunch of health issues lately that have been slowing me down, it’s feels great to finally have this put together.

Autopots are turned on


Plants look happy, sending good health vibes your way!

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I know that makes you happy!!!

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