Should I keep this plant?

So this is 1 of 4 plants. The other 3 were fantastic and are currently drying. This one always had decencies. It never fully grew and has always struggled in comparison. I almost gave up on it a few times but figured I’d hold onto it.

There is some bud on it and it is really dense. There are almost no hairs but the few there are orange. The trichomes are plentiful and really milky. The bud just looks off.

Should I flush and dry and see what happens? Has anyone experienced this?

White Widow Auto planted mid February in coco with Jacks 321, silica and tribus original. Again the other 3 plants are perfect.

I’m not sure why you’re debating, or what your options are. Are you starting a new round of seeds? Surely this day neutral plant won’t interfere with seedlings. It might be stunted, but whether it’s 14 grams or 7, you already took it this far. Are you concerned it might harm you?

Kill it if you want, but that seems like a waste to me.


Agreed. Why not? Looks better than some of the crap the dispensaries sell for 50 an 1/8 here!


@KeystoneCops @stltimmy1979

The concern is whether it’s smokeable. This is my first grow and I don’t have much to compare to. The bud just looks a bit off from the others and from what I’ve seen here.

But it sounds like it is smokeable?

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Ah. Yeah. You’re gonna be fine.


@KeystoneCops given the trichomes and hairs, I should flush and get ready to dry then…am I correct in my assessment? The other plants were a lot easier to tell…this one is pretty frosty though and smells amazing.

Keep brother she will give you some good smoke :dash: trust in her


I would sure keep it, dry just like the others and cure.
Then enjoy the shit out of it!! Saying mmmm mmmmm, I grew this!!


Definitely makes everything taste better

Looks like you just got one of those weird auto phenotypes. I’ve gotten a bunch of them. Definitely still smokable. Just not as pretty.

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Somewhere there is a 16 year old kid smoking tree bark trying to get high and you are considering tossing a perfectly good plant? Lol keep it


@Mr_Wormwood when you put it like that, lol.

I tried to get a good look at the trichomes. I can’t see any amber. I wouldn’t take it before it shows at least some amber everywhere on the plant, but it’s personal preference to a degree.

I wouldn’t judge maturity by stigma color. I’ve had stigmas turn white to brown in week 3, and mature plants still producing new calyxes.