Should i keep LST? What to do after topping


Out of 10 plants i topped all but 2. They are 7 og kush 2 blue cookies and 2 seedbag. Im LST 1 of the topped ones and LST a none topped one. Should i LST all the topped ones ?


I forgot 1 of the topped ones were topped wrong and 2 new growth sprouted up so theres 4 now. Their on day 41


Yes keep doing the lst. I had a single cola plant, that was just an oddball. I topped all the growth and kept doing the lst, this is before.

And this is after. I gave up trying to keep her tied down as u can see… after transplant to 15 gallon i let her do her own thing. I will furthermore open her up after the flip to flower.

Same with this plant. She wasnt bushy at all, i just kept lst’ing her.

Only difference is i did more lst on the 2nd plant pictured and kept up the maintenance, like retying them back down once they grow out too much.

My honest opinion keep tying them down and keep them level, so the whole plant is getting auxin to the tops.


@Dr.DankThumb420 ok kool…gow about the other 9 plants that are topped LST them too?


Yes, you want each plant to have a even canopy so they get the most light penetration to the canopy. U want all tops at same level


They stay tied down all the way till harvest?


With regular maintenance yes, keep retucking the growth or loosening the bonds and retying her down as she grows… I havent harvested yet, she is still growing. But you want a nice flat canopy to start flower with


Have you looked into making screens for them to do a scrog? It’s a form of lst. Once installed, your job as the grower is to keep the plant tucked under the screen, directing bud sites to openings in the screen. When done properly, it creates a flat canopy where every bud that grows up through the screen basically becomes a nice cola.



Should i start taking big fan leaves off? Or taking all lil off bottom of plant. Clean it up like they say shaving her legs? Loll


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As for removing growth, i wouldnt. Wait till they are bushy and the inner growth and lowers get blocked, then you know which ones to take and which ones are gonna stay on.