Should I keep light on them 24/7?



A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

Good day to all. I am cultivating my very first Auto Flower plants. I have only three, and I germinated them weeks apart so I could learn from the 1st. First one is doing well. The next two babies are trying to yellow. Anyways … my question about growing the Autoflowers is - should I keep light on them 24/7? My educated ‘guess’ is that because of the ‘auto’ factor they would benefit from 24/7. I have heard arguments from both sides. But one doesn’t learn from guessing when Expert advise is available. That would be you guys. As always, y’all are appreciated… Would y’all be interested in hearing about my awesome success with the simple & cheap outdoor semi ‘hydro’ garden I created by using 15 gallon cloth grow bags & kiddie pools? I created it for my tomatoes 2 years ago and they grew 13 feet tall. Used the system for a White Widow & Gold Leaf last year and got the most beautiful, healthy and tasty yield ever from the GL, and the WW. The WW tried to reach the 15ft mark, and the GL was almost 9ft on 4 main colas. Also with all branches fully loaded. So, it is a great system anyone can put together very inexpensively & get superior results. Another EXTREME advantage this system provides is that it is moveable. I can position my plants anywhere in my yard at any time, using the Sun’s changing pattern to my advantage all year. Even move them to a safe zone during big storms. So many things about this simple design make it worth the try. And I am really a novice who will accept any advice and/or lessons about improving my results. Again - thank you all for everything you do. Have a great day. David


18/6 or 20/4 are the best lighting for autoflowers.


I like 18/6, I like the plant to get some rest. Even though they are plants , they also need some rest. Hope this helps.


I only grow auto’s myself. My first one is a jack herer. I use an 18/6 and a 20/4 weekly rotation cycle. I had her on 24/7 and didn’t do so well. After talking to some members i learnt that even auto’s need some sleep. Here is Megan-Rose doing well and has just started pre flower.


You may have slight N tox buddy


I know I’ve stopped with the nutes and just watering with tap water. She really doesn’t like nutes as I was using 1/4 strength.


I’m also growing autos had the light on 24/0 they did ok then read where some people did 18/6 switch to that wow they really seemed to like that


Don’t care what anyone here says all plants need sleep :sleeping: dose the sun :sunny:️ stay out 24-7 ??no don’t need any more than 18 hours of light even that is alot


There have been people growing under 24/7 who have shown it actually doesnt have any negative effects on growth so I’m not sure what to believe.
Here are a few articles I’ve read that show 24/7 light can decrease veg time and increase flowering for plants. Good reads.


That’s some serious reading. Think I got the gist of it. One question… Megan-Rose has just started flowering, if I leave my lights on 24/7 will this increase the amount of flowers?


I am not sure if it would have any effect on yield tbh. But I am unsure


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Not true… plants dont gain energy like animals and people.