Should I just start over?

First time tent grow…growing GSCE autos. Everything was going good for the first five days, and I know that I over watered on the fifth day. The plants haven’t shown much growth in the passed four days. The leaves have drooped down and the first two little round leaves are starting to yellow today. My question is should I pull these seedlings and start over? I feel like I am wasting valuable time waiting to see if these are going to recover being they are autoflower. I have five more seeds that I can start germinating. These plants are 9 days old and I have seen pictures on the forum of these plants being three times this size at this age. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I wouldn’t start over. Girls are alive and can recover, they’re truly resilient plants.

Next grow start them in solo cups, for the first 3 weeks, than move to forever home. They will grow much faster.

The slow growth has to do with her getting her roots down. It also has to do with your over watering. They do well in wet to dry cycles. In other words, before you water again, pick up the grow bag or solo cup, does it feel empty, like just dry dirt, time to water. If it’s heavy, don’t water.

Happy growing!


Exactly what @Zee said - don’t fuss too much right now. The round leaves browning and falling away is part of her growth - just eating the nutrients off the cotyledons while she grows roots long enough to draw nutes from the soil. You won’t see a lot of growth upward right now. I actually chose hydro so I can see the growth - watch the roots.

Here’s an example of my seedling from the top - looking a lot like yours - and the underside where her loooong tap root is. I promise work is happening, it’s just slow.

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You will learn more from saving this plant then you will from a restart.


How much and how often are you watering and are you phing your water. Most people have rocky starts for their 1st grow heck my 1st skittles looked that until about week 3 because I was seriously underwatering, but once I fixed that they took off , vegged longer then average to recover and grew some of the nicest buds I have yet to grow( on par with my current 4th grow)