Should I just Pull These Out and Call It?

Whats up guys Manny here again and basically I’m wondering if I should just pull these darlings and trash them, they seem to have stunted in growth because its day 27 and they are still in what seems like the seedling stage (2-3"). As seen in video if you even watch it

Thanks for any advice.

I don’t know why you would pull them, they look great so far!

The reason they’re not getting bigger is because:

  1. You just transplanted them, and
  2. They need to establish a root system under the soil before the foliage can grow above the soil.

Don’t give up, you’ll be so happy you kept them in a couple weeks when they’re budding! Tag me anytime you need help with something @ktreez420



Yep @ktreez420 is 100% patience is key our friend!

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I had runts that stayed tiny forever so that I almost gave up on them. But now they’re great!


One of my Gold leafs was runt I was thinking of weed it out…
Its overtaking all other plants now…a monster :slight_smile:


That’s what I’m hoping for! I hope theyre just adjusting to the transplant. Is it possible that some may not get a root system but still be able to grow?

@bob31 sigh I am a very impatient person lmao especially when I have a lot of free time on my hands and lots of plants that I just want to shoot up instantly lol but I’m gonna have to learn to be patient :frowning: :sweat_smile:

@Lia I know! Ive actually been following your KISS post and ive got to say you got some beauts definitely jealous lol!

@Ragnar Nice! well I hope they get to be monsters :smiling_imp: either way I’m just learning everything the hard way. It seems to me that’s the only way I learn ha.

Thanks everyone for the input I’m just impatient and very anxious about the grow, its damn near taken over my life and I just want it to come out nice lol. I’m sure with everyones help on this site ill definitely be able to grow some wonderful ladies. Thanks again all and have a good rest of your day!


Everything of importance in my life I learned the hard way…
Mostly screwing it up at first …:slight_smile:
Good luck and happy grow !

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