Should I invest in ladybugs?

I have companion plants planted to keep away as many bugs as i can. seldomly i do see an aphid once in a while, but i have yet to have any plant problems, except nutrient burn. should i invest in ladybugs?

If you are not having an issue it wouldnt be worth it. Ladybugs go after soft body insects, so they would kill aphids. If you dont have an infestation though the ladybugs will just move on to greener pasture. I’d just start a regimen of Neem oil once a week.

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I agree with @Bow4Buck about the ladies bugs. I’ll go one step further and say if you’re not having any bug issues there is no need to spray the plants either. You have the companion plants doing a pretty good job so far.


What @Bow4Buck is pointing out, Neem is typically used as a preventative maintenance. Spray at night and don’t spray after it starts flowering.