Should I introduce CO2 from my home made wine...yay or nay

I am currently parenting 3 northern lights children… i was thinking of introducing c02 into the grow chamber… I am also about to start a batch of my wine ( pinot grigio)

Since I have read that people make a co2 supply from sugar water and yeast…I was wondering if I were to route the c02 from my fermentation of my wine into the grow box… would it effect the taste of the harvest? Good or Bad? Would you?

Sounds like a great idea not sure if it would change the flavor. I don’t think that using this in veg would change anything
Let me know if it works out for you

@Ray probably wont affect taste or flavor. This idea is only useful if you have enough light above 900umols I think. @dbrn32 ?
Either way, it can’t hurt, but I think I remember that when increasing CO2 temperatures elevate a bit as well. So consider that.

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Yup, takes a lot of light to need more co2. But since it will be byproduct of another intended process I don’t see it hurting anything.


wine is done and the Co2 was gobbled up by those hungry lil buggers… I’m into flowering now…one of the girls is looking very tasty … hey are all northern lights autoflowers… never doing this before I was wondering how many weeks they flower for…one is hosting some really thick large buds but the other two are lagging behind… i figure I have 8 weeks in maybe 9 i lost track…hope the slower 2 catch up …

9 weeks from this point is a good estimate…
I agree… :wink:

I actually set a big pot of water on a small heater, put in some brewers yeast and sugar. This gives off CO2 for several days then it has to be changed. My plants and buds were huge and smoke great. Try it!