Should I have waited longer to harvest?

They looked milky enough yesterday when I cut them down. Decided to check again today and I’m second guessing myself. This is only my second plant harvesting. Ty for all input!

I would have waited longer but I like a little couch lock. You need pics of buds not leaves. The leaves mature quicker

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suggest next time, you ask for advice before cutting. yeah, they should have gone longer. No cloudy. No amber. = no couch lock…cerebral high

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Thanx. That’s what I was thinking. Got to excited.

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again, thanks for this great knowledge base. :100:

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Yo Jbum,

have you had any experience growing Bergmans Gold Leaf Autos ?

Due to a disastourous crop failure this year and ending up with 3 mature plants out of 20 auto seeds ( non ILGM )

I have ordered 10 Bergmans Gold Leaf Autos, my question is as follows.

Can I start three auto seeds now this late in the year and suppliment their lighting when the daylight duration get shorter ?