Should I have trimmed so many sugar leaves from my autos

MERRY< MERRY<MERRY XMAS to the world I pray that everyone truly will have a blessed christmas and may we all enjoy a prosperous and loving new year. I planted 8 gorillas and 1 cheese on the day after Thanksgiving. This is my very first grow and it is truly a learning experience. First of all I over germinated the seeds with a little bit high temp. Then I put them in root plugs and put rhe plugs into 4x4 cubes and planted cube in coco coir and perlite. At first the roots had a hard time getting going , then when they did everything started looking beautiful. I was so proud they were flourishing and I had read that as long as your plants are healthy push the LED lights as hard as you can on them as long as they can handle it. Therefore i started up my second bestva 2000w light and everything kept going good but, I noticed the plants were not getting any taller. They wer not getting any taller. I then found out that when I grouped my lights the grouping did not work so the last two weeks when i thought the lights were on a 19 on 5 off schedule actually only one light was the other light was on ??? . Since the plants were so short they were growing these huge sugar leaves that were starting to droop down to the coco coir and there was alot on each plant , I then remembered one of the first videos i watched did say to be very careful and do not cut too many of the sugar leaves off of a plant, I cut as much as i thought I could take off each plant without stressing the plants too much, MY concern is how many sugar leaves should i have left on each plant as i said they are only about 6 inches high and about starting their 5th node. I left a couple of big sugar leaves and the new ones that are just starting. How will i know if i took too many off and if I did what can I do to help the plant recover as quickly as possible.

I’m a believer from my last experiment with recovery on my 1st grow. Stimulation via music. Anything classical. Research has confirmed they enjoy flutes and etc. I think this is bc it mimics birds in the wild. They didn’t respond well to just heavy bass music. I looked up grow music on Pandora and.found a good playlist. If you try it, let us know the results


Sugar leaves is where the flowers are at. No where else. Now fan leaves can get extremely big. Sugar leaves from my experience are pretty small.

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You are exactly right the huge leaves were so big they had to be fan leaves . Therefore will it hurt my plants.

Only trim them if the plant can’t get light into the center of the plant. I leave them be as it’s what helps develop your girls. I only pick them off if no light can get to the center or they are basically dead.

She’s an auto. Don’t cut off anymore leaves, at this time.


Thank you that was mainly what they were doing bcause plants were so short, also the bigger leaves were drooping down to the coco because they were so big and heavy,

I’ve had fan leaves twice the size of my hand.
I just leave them be. They help the plant to grow.

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Thank you Iwas so not sure what to do and was afraid of doing the trimming but,did not know what else to do. In the future what should I do the plants were just stuck at the 6 inch heigth and the leaves were getting humongous. will they just one day hit a vertical growth phase?

Had heard that they were very important to the plant. The video said to never (CUT TOO MANY) off that was why I just tried to cut the ones I thought would be as beneficial to the plant as possible. Again would thy have hit a stage where they started going vertical. That was what was scaring me, them being autos and already 4 weeks old. I know the new growth was just new leaves but, because of my light issue i thought maybe i had confused them and they were trying to start flowering, I have so so much to learn. Have just put so much hard work and money in them would devistste me to lose them after they started so beautiful. Will definately use forrum more b4 making choices like that. merry xmas & Happy new year

Fan leaves will droop. They are huge. I don’t ever remember a fan leaf on my plants that stuck straight out for long. Because they are bigger than what those small poor things can hold up.

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Right back at ya. And that is a good choice. Once you get grows under your belt, you learn. All I do is read, read and more read of the posts.


great advice!!!

So much info here and not enough time in a lifetime to read it all.

Here are my present girls at 3 and 4 weeks I go full bohemian and grow them get heavy foliage. 3 weeks

and 4 weeks


Im having similar problem…i think i cut way too many leaves…can anyone tell me what you guys think i would really appreciate it…oh yeah they are in 4th week of flowering

Welcome gromie…lots of knowledge on this site…tag the person with a @name …and ask away…most experienced growers will readily help…:v: