Should i have topped?

Does anyone know the general yield difference between topping and not topping?
I have 5 but ive only topped one first time trying it

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I dont top my plants i fim my plants as i get more branches from fimming and its less stressful for the plants but to answer your question no sorry i dont but i know you can get big yeilds with out topping hopefully some other members may have the answer ur looking for

There are so many variables that effect overall yield. From genetics to equipment, skill of grower to medium grown in. There isnt anyway to say for sure. It yas the best potential for a high yeild vs doing nothing at all. You have more control over making a quality and large harvest by getting the right amount of light per stage, right nutes at the right time and in the right quantity and never missing a water, then topping alone can offer.


Auto or photo?
Are they also receiving LST?

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Besides the total yield, I think a quantity of top colas is better than same quantity of tops and lower popcorn buds. Better ratio of buds-to-chaff. And easier to trim come harvest.
I like it but it could be said it’s because I don’t do well with the lower buds.

Unless someone has ran a side by side experiment with clones then we wouldnt know for sure