Should I harvest?


My last plant shriveled up of this group and seemed to turn into a male plant. Is this possible? Anyway, should I harvest now. Here are some pics.


Do you have a microscope that you can look at the trichomes? That is your determinant.

If you post a single high resolution picture on a post we can use the super zoom.


You stop feeding? That can be a cause of the issue. And will be great if you have a magnifier to look at the trichomes.


I did stop feeding


And that it’s the reason them are have dry and yellow leaves, them are consuming the rest of the food stored in leaves… A closer picture will be great, in natural light



Should I feed or harvest?


You stop feeding to early, also I see a lot off black bugs :bug: and the leaves are have a lot of tiny spots (the green ones are have white dots - I will assuming spider mites)


I personally start feeding them asap but PLEASE WAIT for this guys to respond.
What do you think @Countryboyjvd1971 @bob31 @Hogmaster @Donaldj


Look at this! I think you can’t do much for her because it’s so late in flower. But maybe people know something good to do. Good luck :crossed_fingers:


Bud rot


If I were you I would pull them down and harvest them… give them a nice H2O and peroxide bath and get them hung up and dried and clean the hell out of your room and everywhere you’ve been and your tent and everything inside of it cuz it looks like you had a major bug issue , as well as a feeding issue and more than likely pH was a problem as well , but you are at the point of no return with those plants… but I would highly suggest that you give them a bath before smoking or ingesting them… good luck on your future project’s… :wink:

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I know the photo shows bugs at one point but those red circles on the photo are negative issues. I double checked areas and no bugs.


Do a wash on it as soon as you can harvest
If it’s close take it it will just get worse


@EvilSteven you should do as Hogmaster says! You will lose everything if you don’t act.


That look like :bug:for me, but Donaldj explained better “bud rot”! Read the articles, will help you.
Also Hogmaster its righ, you need to wash that.


You need to control your temp and humidity better in tent to prevent the dreaded bud rot
I lost most of my outdoor to rot this past outdoor grow season
Never a issue indoors
I run dehumidifier year round and ac in summmer spring amd fall
If you need help setting up a exhaust fan set up of any ventilation questions feel frre to tag me im a commercial hvac by trade and will help you
Otherwise the floks have given you some good advice so far