Should I harvest yet?

Hi everyone, I sampled a couple of buds from my plant, and I found a couple of seeds! I am growing outdoors, and there are no males around that I can see. So I’m worried about getting a crop ofseeds that I don’t want. Do you think I should harvest now or wait a couple of weeks? I included some photos tell me what you think.
Thank you

Completely up to you bur by the pics it looks like you have a few amber tricomes if you could wate a week that would ultimatly be better of

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I am not sure if I can wait another week because of the seeds I saw and I also don’t wait and end up with too many amber trichroms, I don’t want couch lock​:sleeping:. I did see a lot of cloudy trichroms though. Which is what I want​:sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:.

lets see a pic of you plant overall and some of the bud you took the trichome pics of. How long has she been flowering? @adamslarryd

If your plant was pollinated taking it early isn’t going to make any difference. Pollen can travel a long ways. Think bees!

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Looks a little too young in my opinion.

Maybe another week or two.

I will put some photos up tomorrow its to dark now. She has been flowering since around early Aug.

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Generally flowering takes about 8 weeks give or take. So you are getting into that area. so about early October.

pics would be great!

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Sorry about that Bob. I wanted to put up some photos but just to busy today. Will post tomorrow.

Thank you

No worries brother. Tomorrow is fine! @adamslarryd

When your talking pollen think wind as well. Wind will carry pollen up to miles and miles (hundreds of miles)


I’ve got seeds too on my fem WW’s. A lot of them. Very disappointing but not the end of the world.

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OK here are some photos of my girl. You know, this plant was started in mid-may and she is only around 43inches tall as of today. I thought it was a Indica x Sativa, but judging by its rather short height, I’m thinking maybe Indica x Ruderalis. What do you think?

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The plant that is up against the house. It would be great if you could put a stake in the ground in front of that plant and tie it so it is away from the siding. It will allow for light and air to circulate around that side of the plant.

Otherwise they look healthy but not quite ready for harvest

Do you know about when they started flowering? How many plants is that? @adamslarryd