Should I harvest soon?

Hey guys? I’m not too sure when I should harvest that plant I was thinking to harvest her next saturday do you think it will be okay??


I see lots of white pistils. I think she’ll pack on some weight too if you let her. She’s still got time.

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Perfect thank you @raustin but when sould I harvest??

Ive flushed her one week ago

Have you got a tool to look at the tricomes?!they should be amber… depending on what type of high u want. Looks like to0 many white hairs to be ready atm, another two weeks maybe? Or maybe more ,


I’d really like to see the trichs before estimating how much time is left. By the looks of her, I’d say minimum of two weeks, but probably longer.


Oh okay alright then I will wait another 2 weeks but unfortunatly i dont have little microscope…

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You really should get a scope if you want to harvest correctly. Here’s a cheap one that I use, it’s under $7 and works great.


Well it says this item does not ship to canada…Ill try to find one thanks brotha

Do you think this one would be great?

I’m guessing u have close to a month left. But trichs would tell more. How long ago did u flip?

Yes that will work, well worth the cost imo

Didnt flip the light its an auto

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Definitely still have some time @420happygrow. 2-4 weeks at least but you’ll know better with a look at the trichomes as mentioned. That scope you posted should work fine.

I just ordered one ill get it in 2 days…ill give you update

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Should I keep feeding her then…?

Yes I would.

I would give her 1 more feeding them just give her plain ph balanced water or maybe water and molasses no chemical nutes so you don’t have chemy taste

Okay and i will have to flush her again I guest… get I give her molasse in my water after flushed??