Should I harvest or wait?

Question from a fellow grower:

My plant’s are only about a foot tall the two plants will only yield about maybe a half ounce total. The buds look about ready to harvest but temperatures are going to fall to 50 degrees at night. For white Widow the suggested harvest is late October. Should I risk the plants for a possible better harvest in two or three weeks?

The cool night time temperatures are excellent late in flower, 50 might be a bit cool but not a disaster. Rain and high humidity are the real enemy. Mold, mildew and bud rot are the main things to watch for if your humidity gets too high.

If you are worried about temperatures or rain, you can cover them at night if you can’t move them to a protected space.

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If you wait, put a cover over them. We put bags over plants and whatnot when it was cold. It kept them from be killed off.


If you have a few can even do a small greenhouse with cheap plastic and electrical conduit or flex pvc. Shouldn’t run you more than 50$. Just check out hoop house builds on YouTube.

I’m not sure of your location, but 50f at night is nothing to worry about. Dropping into the low 40’s will slow them down, but if the daytime highs at least get into the 60’s you’ll be fine.
I would keep them out of the rain. If you can bring them in at sunset I’d go for it. That morning dew can wreak havoc. Just be sure they get complete darkness for 12 hours.


Pictures always help too