Should I harvest or wait a week?

Did you check the trichomes? That question has been ask a lot. You need to get a jeweler loupe that is about 50 x power. That is really the best way. The trichomes are the little Shiny thing that look like tiny mushrooms they will be clear some will start looking milky. Then they turn Amber. It a matter of choice. I like mine to start turning Amber, that they say gives you a body high, the couch lock term. Clear is to soon, wait till yours start turn milky. Then it more of head high. That’s how it was told to me. If you do some reading here you will find lots of answers. Hope this helps some. Yours is looking really good it’s close.

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Thank you much but I don’t have access to a microscope or a Jewelers loop or anything I only got I was told once the pistols are about 70% orange

Get a magnifier or jeweler’s loupe!