Should I Harvest now?


Weather is changing fast in PA right now & I’m worried about my plants?? Should I harvest now?




Those don’t look anywhere near ready, but are beautiful!

I know the cold is not good for them, but I think that they are OK down to 50f from what I have read on here, and it would still take a frost to outright kill them.

Wait for a second opinion (or more) though.


It’s going to go down to 39 degrees tonight :pensive:


If @Hogmaster, @Nug-bug, @ktreez420, @Majiktoker @M4ur or @garrigan65 are on line, they have been helpful to me.


Could you dig them up, put them in a pot and bring them in :wink:

How big of a tent do you have, and can extension cords and a heater reach?

Just spitballing here


They are about 7/8 feet high so I’m thinking transplanting would not be possible?


I was joking, but if there are no other options… I am looking through my last grow journal for you and editing the post above to add all the ILGM members and volunteers I can find that have answered questions about soil grows.


I live in Portland, OR and we’ve been having nights down to 40 degrees with lots of rain. My plants are covered up but are not having a problem with the cold.

I think the first thing that happens after shock is that the production of thc stops and not long after that the plants would show signs of discomfort. Just keep a close eye on them and if they get too cold then you are going to need to cover them somehow and use a heater. I don’t think they look ready to harvest.


I’d say leave them till your expecting a good frost and then chop em unless the dew is bad in mornings and evenings


Then I would watch real close for bud rot…


Another PA-er. Welcome. A friend harvested his 2 weeks ago here in central pa… yea it’s getting colder.

Edit. We had 32 degree last night.
@BrandyH What part of PA you from?


I think the consensus is that they are not ripe. If you harvest now they will not be as great as they could be - so really all we can provide is ideas.


Wait 2-3 more weeks


My one suggestion and should clear it with the experienced folks here.
Get a clear plastic cover, cover them over the top and down the sides so make sure you have a big enough sheet. Then stick a heater up under the cover. Or two heaters, depending on the heater size and the size of your pot plot. I have done this with a patch of tomatoes out Colorado way. Got down to 20 degrees and it saved the plants though a couple did get freeze burned at the top of the plastic so the next time I added a cloth sheet to help prevent the freeze burn. That was from them touching the plastic.
That method does work and can work well. At least for tomatoes. I am a newbie here though so some input from the experts on this method might help.


In the south, we use bed-sheets to cover plants for a frost if we can’t bring them in. Keeps a dewey-frost from happening on the plants if you pull them off as soon as the temp comes up - even with no heaters. Granted, this was for 'maters and stuff, for weed you wouldn’t want anything touching the plants - but if you can tent them like when they were babies and keep the heat and humidity in, it’s better than nothing, even if you can’t run a heater.


If you harvest now, it’s like having to pick green tomatoes. Not a complete waste, but not what you were planning on - and your options for what to do with 'em are limited.


They should be good all the way up till your first frost and even that usually won’t kill them at least not in my area


@bluntley420 have you noticed a slower growth rate in the cold? All research I have done leads me to believe that they quit growING around 40°