Should I harvest now or later?


My stem looks like by tomorrow its gonna snap in half. Should I harvest now?


You got a ways to go it looks like. You have a lot of white pistils.

Do you have a jewelry loupe or magnifying glass (60x is good) Then you can dial in on the trichomes, which is the best gauge of the finished product.


Give it a support. That will take the load off the stem. The pistols will start to turn brown. When mostly brown it’s really close. That’s about the time I start looking at trichomes going from clear to milky. I normally harvest at the first sign of amber trichomes.


Get your silly self down to a garden store and buy a long plastic coated rod for supporting tomatos.



I’m at day 74 of flowering. Maybe this is a strain that the pistils dont turn brown?


It’s possible, but not something I know much about. There are strains that finish up in 9 weeks, some later like 12. Do you know the strain? Also, if you can get your hands on one, the jewelry loupe 60x magnification helps with examining the trichomes.

Those buds look awesome.


It needs a few more weeks like they where saying get a scope :wink: makes it way easier


So around 15 percents of the hairs have changed to red/orange :slight_smile: