Should I go to 12/12?

Greetings. I’m growing Blackberry Kush indoors for the first time and the plants are really robust and fat. About 2 feet tall. They look like they’re ready to walk out of the tent. But it’s only 5 weeks since I began with germination. I’ve been reading 6-8 weeks before going to 12/12. Is it too soon? They look so healthy.


You can flip them whenever you want to…they won’t start flowering until they reach sexual maturity, which can be anytime from 4 - 6 weeks.

You can see that they are mature because you will see pre-flowering pistils (little white hair like things).


Like @merlin44 said. To be clear; the plant will not flower until it is sexually mature so flipping before then just reduces the amount of light it’s getting. Watch for those hairs, THEN flip.


They’re going to double in size whenever you change lights.

I go 14 lights 10 dark in the first week.
13/11 2nd week.
Change nutrients - from this point your seed provider flowering times should begin.
3 to 6 weeks stay on 12/12
7th week 11/13
9th week 10/14
10 to harvest 9/15

I believe that a gradual light reduction is beneficial.

Also, for a follow on monster crop, take clones on week 9 and at harvest. Maybe one in ten will survive but the one that does… will be a monster.

Good luck