Should I go from 750 watts to 1000 watts HPS?

This light switches from 600/750/1000 watts HPS. I started with 600 watts for a month, then 750 for a month. No heat issues after I ran ducting into the attic.

Should I try 1000 watts as long as the temp stays under 80F? Inline fan kicks on at 78F and doing a great job. I don’t care about the electric bill, it only increased by $30/month so far vs. no light at all. Netting is 4’x4’.

Light stays 16"-18" above the canopy with no light burn at 750 watts. I’d assume at 1000, it would need more spacing?

All Sativa Strawberry Cough.

I don’t want to screw up my best looking grow so far. :hushed:.

Thanks!!! :+1::+1::+1:


Depends, as if your reaching your DLI with the current wattage your good. I have similar lights mine change from 200 400 600 to 600 Super lumens. I’m running two so I’ve found that both set at 400 was plenty.

There is an app to measure your light and DLI. @Nicky @dbrn32 @Myfriendis410 @oldmarine @Borderryan
@BobbyDigital can somebody point him to the app and explain how to use it.

Remember, the more watts you run equals more heat and a higher electric bill. Your looking good if you ask me.

If I may ask, how in the world are you controlling runoff out of those bags with no trays? As if that’s your wife’s chairs your running water all around she’s gonna be mad!!! Lol! Good luck!


Great read here…


I would run it at 1000 specifically because you have all of that light spill off your canopy. I would also probably move filter higher to expell air from warmer part of room and try to leave co2 settled more towards canopy.


Runoff is controlled with transparent 14" trays from Home Depot. Hard to see with the photo. Believe me, before they were put down, it was a wifey issue. :hushed:


I would turn it up. I currently have 600 w ballast and would love more light not sure if I wanna spend on the bigger ballasts and bulbs or just buy 2 more hlg 600r instead.will see how next harvest works out.
Your grow is looking good.i would consider putting up a white sheet over that checked one. You’ll get better light reflection. Those darker colors absorb the light that your plants would like to have.

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