Should I go for soil of aquaponics

Question from a fellow grower:

will be growing indoors but I can’t decide whether to grow in soil or
aquaponics. I have a friend that knows a lot about AP that is willing
to help. Will use 600 mh/hps. What would be your advice in soil or AP.
I also have a 12x16 wood building non insulated an was going to use
4x9x7 tents or should I make use of the full 12x16 space? Lastly me an
friend have been arguing about using fem seeds or auto’s. I said
everything I read says auto’s are more sensitive than photoperiod as in
nutrition am I wrong should I use auto or stick with photo fem seeds?

fem seeds are simpler to start a first grow you can screw up and recover more readily they don’t start to flower at first sign of stress can be cloned and if you are just starting you will have to expect some adjustments to be made to your set up many of which may trigger flower. Get a few grows under your belt auto’s are very good once you have space environment nutrients and the science of ph dialled in. Keep your first time growing a forgiving one

soil easier but hydro one gets bigger yields ,but, does take work and it’s good to have a friend to help you on your first cultivation As for auto’s they tend not to like strong nutrients or feeding’s Go for feminized seeds for bigger yields - if using soil use 10 gallon pots. Or - mix it up. So grow a average 4 month grow and grow and auto in each stage of your 4 month plants (1 auto at beging/vegation stage (18/6) and after harvest of auto- grow one in flower at 12/12 (you will be surprised with the 12/12 results. Anyway you will have a harvest in the middle of your grow –

You have no room for error with auto’s , more less like a regular feminized seed . But your main objective is to learn to grow a plant consistently from start to finish without causing any stress or defiencies , once you have confidence in that , than I say give auto a try .