Should I go feminized?

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

“I purchased 20 N.L. beans last year and planted 10 in which 1/2 were male. I did pretty good for my 1st try but it was heartbreaking to throw out 1/2 my grow especially all the time and love I gave them. I’m ready to start another but I’m afraid of history repeating itself. Can’t afford the soil, nutes, and time. Should I go feminized and give up on these remaining beans? Any advice would be appreciated. Maybe you have some affordable alternative. I really don’t need 10 beans if I knew they would likely be female. Please advise.”

Take a chance on the ones you have. Or save them for another time. They will keep fine in a cool dry place.

Buy fems well worth it!


What my brother @bob31 said, the only upside to fem seeds is its basically a guarantee they will be a female, but there is also the risk they can hermi like any other regular seed. But just save the ones you got I say and if you got the coin, capitalize on some fem seeds. Probably save you the heartbreak later down the road if there is one.

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My first grow was like that only out of 6 plants, 4 were male. So, it is entirely possible that you could plant 10 seeds and get 10 male plants, just sayin’. That’s odds. Feminized at least gives you some peace of mind and is easy to maximize your expense by cloning from 1 plant to populate your grow. Cuttings are easy to do.


Well said @Myfriendis410

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