Should i give this purple haze more time?

what do you think? Is it too soon or is it ready to be harvested? I know purple haze tent to flower longer but how long is too long and I donโ€™t have a way to magnify more than an X8 converter. :triumph: soooo:yum::pray:t5: :blush: I was wondering if you guys could help me out :blush::grin:

what do you think? what does your experience telling you?

Feedback, please :pray:t5:

Lower buds :point_down:t5:

Attempting to see the heads :point_down:t5::triumph:

Film days X8 converter is what I took the Micro-ish pics with.



I think your very close if not there
Did you check tricombes with a loop or scope ?


I donโ€™t have one yet.

You need a magnifier glass or a digital Microscopeโ€ฆ The pistils are looking like sheโ€™s ready for harvest but you need to look at the trichomesโ€ฆ
I hope this help you


Those look really close! Pretty buds. Iโ€™d say probably another week or so.

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I would say your good anytime from now to a week if you wait it will be stonger but she looks good to me just from what I can see

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nice looking buds @Candygrowja

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@Candygrowja. If you have a good camera phone, you can take a close up picture and zoom in, screen shot then zoom some more. Just a thought

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after checking the dates on the pics.

December 19 2018

jan 9 :point_down:t5:

jan 25 :point_down:t5:

Feb 5 :point_down:t5:

Feb 19 :point_down:t5:



Thank you, itโ€™s me second :v:t5: time growing. First with good female results . :heart_eyes: my first time I grew a nice bushy male and a tine female that i got the seeds for this grow. :blush::yum: This is my test grow to see if I was any good.


@Candygrowja Those are some nice pics!!! Plants too

Thank you :blush::pray:t5:

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