Should i get a second light?

Im about 5 days from switch to 12/12 and was wondering if i should add an extra light into the tent for better coverage. What i want to know is would it be worth it and would it increase the yield a noticeable amount. This is the light i currently have and i would buy another one and hang them side by side.

this is my current tent and plant.

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That’s only a 128w wall drawl. What size tent and light do you have now?

I have a 36x24x48 tent and that exact light.

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How much money do you have to spend?

Good looking plant by the way

As much as i need haha. I just want to know if id benefit at this point from a stronger light

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Sorry, that light pulls 128. Do you have good ventilation?

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I do, have a 4inch inline fan with a carbon filter plus a 4 inch clip fan.

I was looking at maybe getting this MAXSISUN 600W LED Grow Light, Full Spectrum IR for Indoor Horticulture Greenhouse Hydroponic Plants Veg and Bloom (60pcs Dual Chips 10W LEDs)

With that in mind. A good light produces heat. A lot of people who use LEDs are building their own quantum board lights. Very efficient. Personally I like the 3100k 315w cmh. It is the closest to real sunshine and has I believe uv light which LEDs don’t and is supposed to produce more resin (tricomes)

This is the light I have in same size tent as you and pulled over 10oz of one plant last harvest

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This is the 600w light you want

See those numbers circled, horrible, those should be 3x that. that is at the edge of your tent

That number would be at 36" with the quantum board

@dbrn32 hey help this guy out when you get a chance please and thanks

Check our timber grow lights, love mine

i think i want to stay with LED just because im comfortable with it. what about this? they have a 600w and a 1000w. Im only growing one plant for now also so idk if that matters. i just found this one too, listed as one of the best LED lights.

It’s kinda like false advertising with those light’s the say what ever they are like 600w but pull less than 200 watts from the wall now take another 20% off that number because of the fans in the lights and then you get a actual number and and a not so great harvest. Then people get mad and sell everything on Craigslist for pennies on the dollar. Lights are the most important thing to learn about and know what the numbers mean if you have hopes of big rock hard buds those light’s will not work. Think of it like this cheap tools do the job but not that great and take longer to get the job done where certain snap on tool’s do everything you need and more this is how you want your lights. If your happy with what you got then stay with what you got most people kicks them selves for not spending more up front and getting better results. I hope this helps you and gives you a better idea about lights

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This light is junk it only pulls 132watts from the wall plus running the fans so it’s more like 100 watt light my mh/hps would blow this away here is my tent now

The right lights make all the difference in the world


If Amazon lights are what you want get that one. Best I could find for around $100

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My cmh grows nice tight buds like your hps

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