Should I flip to flower

Growing in 3.9 gal auotopots in coco/ perlite.
This is week 4 of veg. Week 5 starts on Saturday. Should I flip? There are a STACK of bud sites and I put the netting on a bit late … but, what you think? Please help guru swamis.


Flip the lights to 12/12 when the girls are ready, the real fun begins.

Some of photo growers also do a heavy defoliation at day 21 after flip, making sure all bud sites are getting good lighting, typically you can remove big fan leaves blocking sites, as growth has stopped and they just focus on bud growing.

They look good, nice work so far.


The plants look nice and healthy. How big is the grow room? How much head room to thay have?

Well, the grow room is 5 x 5 - I have 2 separate autos growing in there too (that you can’t see in the pic). Headroom - the tent is about 6ft tall. I figured if I flipped them they would probably double in size from there. My problem is that I ordered the autopots joined together so I don’t want them to crowd each other out too much. (Pic taken this morning)