Should I flip to flower already or wait to fill the screen more

Should I switch to flower or wait


I’d wait, so I get more yield. Looking great btw!

Thanks! Yea I was thinking I should wait a little more I’m just getting impatient

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Yeah, def veg them more. You can train more flowering sites/axial growth through from below as the canopy gets more height and plant expands. Beautiful looking plant!! Superb health :slightly_smiling_face:

Depends on the size of the pot you’re in. If you’re in 5 gallon, flip a week ago. Those squares are too large to scrog. You can still use them during the stretch but I’d flip now. The point of a scrog is to open up the plant like this:


Thanks. The plant is in 5 gallon should I move to 7 gallon and how many more weeks should I give it?

So I should move to 7 gallon? And I know this trellis sucks do u know any other trellis I could buy with smaller squares?