Should I feed or water after boomerang?

My bloodstar has started showing droopyness. I fed her a week ago with some FoxFarm Big Bloom, Grow Big, with some Great white mixed in to help combat any possible root issues. 2 Days ago hit her with some boomerang at 3tsp/gal and moved her to a 7 gallon fabric pot from a 5 gallon. She has started to perk up a bit. My question is, my next watering/feeding, should I go just pH water and wait and combine the next helping of boomerang with some food? Or feed her now and boomerang her next time?

Have you been monitoring ppm in and out? That would be best way to know what plant is doing.

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Last feeding was 11/11; Big Bloom 0-.5-.7, Grow BIg 6-4-4, and some great white in well water (300ppm). 6.4/960(pH/PPM) in and 6.8/1170 out. Last watering was on 11/15 with Boomerang and well water 6.2/400 in and 6.3/1588 out. I also transplanted this last watering into a 7 gallon.

At over 1500ppm out, I would say they don’t need much if anything. I’m not super familiar with the fox farms either, but I feel like I would avoid repeatedly hitting with just the one bottle. If you need reduced feed concentration, look more to do less of each bottle rather than omitting some of bottles altogether.


That is man!

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