Should I dome ? And does my plant look normal

Hello everyone and thanks I’m advance for any input I planted these 4 seeds on 10/12 and here we are today plant number 3 had the seed helmet intill yesterday I slightly taped it off did I hurt it and shoul I dome these three outta the 4 the other one hasn’t sprouted due to me experimenting with clone x dipping the taproot in it I added an extra photo of the plant I have in question thank you again

Seed - super sunk ILGM
Temp- 70- 81 night to day
Humidity 45-50 night to day
Light is a 1000w Amazon led yes I know I need to get (hlg) lol working on it

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Yeah, get some clear solo cups and mist the inside of them, then put them over the plants. The plants are going to be getting its water intake from the air (humidity) at this point since they don’t have a root system.


That a beautiful thing!! Dome the lil girls and easy on the water they look awfully wet. Little ring around the outside edge every other day usually do it for inside… on top of misting the domes like B said. Welcome to pot farming btw good luck.

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close up shows too much water. peat is famous for that.

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Yea I hear that a lot it’s my first grow here we are today they were planted 10/12 so it’s been 8 days