Should I do SCROG?

I’m fairly new to growing, Im in a weird situation where I have two photoperiod and two autoflowers under the same 750 watt HPS on 24 hrs a day with temps 75-81 F with inline fan set presets, all are 100% Sativa Strawberry Cough.

I topped (not FIM) the plants 4 times now so the canopy was even until a few days ago. I’m trying to keep the square footage to 4’x4’.

The two autoflowers just started flowering, plant heights from base to stem are 20-24". Ceiling height is 96", HPS light height is 7", so assuming 24" distance from light base to plant top, I’m assuming I should switch the light cycle to 12/12 now?

Ive read Strawberry Cough is a stretcher, as most sativa’s, and may double in height after 12/12 light cycle change.

Should I change my light cycle now, and is SCROG a good idea or maybe just use a few bread ties like I’ve done before?

I don’t really care about max yield as much as I care about quality and density of the final product.

In the photos, you can see how one of the autoflowers in the front is taller than the rest, it has new white pistils on it that just started yesterday. I’m assuming I will have 60-80 days until they are ready to harvest.

Thanks!!! :+1::+1::+1:


Little late to scrog now but you could add a trellis net and stretch them girls out some. Definitely get them off that 24hr light


Your gonna love the strawberry cough! Mine didn’t really stretch that bad but the buds were very heavy and needed some support. I would go ahead and throw a net up just for support. Here is mine

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I would change the light immediately. And In My opinion it’s a bit late for scrogging. But Id add a trellis change the light and wait.

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