Should i defoliate

Hello ladies a gentlemen quick question in 2 days girls will be 2bweeks into flower. I have alot of foliage should i defoliate now or wait until 21 days. Mind u i did not defoliate before switching to flower.


I would clean up around the bottoms for now, about 1/3 of the bottom growth. Then on day 21 concentrate on the larger fan leaves that are shading budsites
After a quick look around I found this pic this is how I like to send them into flower but because yours have already stretched out a bit your canopy should be a little thicker so only 1/3 where mine are like 1/2

This is around a 21 day trim… same grow but could be different plants I move my plants around in my tent quite often :sweat_smile:


Start now so you don’t have to trim all of it later. Plus it’s good for plant health.

Happy gardening


Yes @Derf02368 said what I was trying to say better. Trimming up all the bottom stuff now your plants will recover from any bad feelings by the time you clean up around the tops around day 21


I’d go as far up the stems as you feel comfortable with but the last bunch of leaves would be best. Lollipop those B’s

Also take out any branches are thin and won’t produce heavy colas…

Out of all the different defoliating methods I’ve use I prefer this one in the end

I’d do it in one sitting that way your girls don’t use energy pushing buds while in flower. All that energy will be directed to one area.

Try to do this in week or so before flower and into 1st week of flipping lights to be less stressful, but for now cut that crap out of there


Week 4 of flower

Going into flower


Its all love guys thanks. Im nervous about defoliation but i aint scared. # my first defoliation lol


I’d give them a good trim

Defoliation can do both help n hurt I feel timing is the key. Look up “Nebulahaze Defoliation” she has a couple really good articles on it and she talks about the timing. Nebula has a ton of easy to follow articles n tutorials

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Hey guys i went for the gusto no guts no glory i defoliated the whole plant each one i hope i did ok. School me guys


Looking at the before and after maybe i could have taken more


It always looks like you can take more just have to be careful not to do to much at once (been told 30%) it can cause shock especially now with buds trying to form. That’s why I said to just do the bottoms now and tops later. You should be fine I don’t see anything concerning, good job

Thanks i know u guys said just do the bottom to be safe temptation got the best of me. But i do respect and take every piece of advice in consideration that i get from u guys. But u know im like a kid right now if u say dont do something it just makes me even more curious.

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I wasn’t saying you didn’t listen to me or that you did something wrong, was just warning that if you do to much at once it could possibly slow them down at a crucial time

Edit = I’m prolly the worst at getting excited and over doing it especially when it comes to defol lol I am definitely guilty of loving a plant to death more than once

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Yes i understood what u where saying i also know u are 100 percent right several people in my area said the same exact thing be careful. I just my saying my curiosity and eagerness to learn overpowered me. Thanks again Respect peace


Dude. How many loghts do u have there jeez oh weez-o. 1 more question have u paid attn to electric bill with drunning ur lights and fans. Whats a rough estimate on electric to run that many lights. With all i have in my house running all electric but furn and hot water heater my bill is roughly 350ish a month thats for everything i run scorp diablo 3 260xls 4 uva 30 bars. I far red like 20 fans 3 inline fans 3 portable ac units and dehumid when needed lol.

11 hlg 260’s 5-6 for bill but it pays for itself