Should I defoliate autoflower if I am on day 77 from sprout

Hopefully, harvest in in a week of two. I know it’s crowded.
What strain, ILGM Gorilla Glue AF
-Age of plant 77 days from sprout
-Method: FFHF
-Vessels: 2 gallon fabric pots
-PH and TDS of Water, Last water was pH of 6.85 with TDS of 311 on a calmag water day only
-PPM/TDS or EC Runoff check of above watering was 6.07/TDS 1190
-Method used to measure pH and TDS Apera EC&pH 60
-Indoor or Outdoor if indoor, indoor 2.3 X2.3X 5 feet mars hydro
-Light system LED, SF-2000@ 85 % power
-Actual wattage draw of lights 175 watts from wall outlet
-Current Light Schedule 18 on/6off
-Temps; Day, Night day averages 74-77 day 68-72 night
-Humidity; Day, average 55-60% RH night time time 55-65% RH
-Ventilation system; , AC infinityT4 exhaust paired with S4 intake on same controller. Room it is pulling fresh air from is 72f and 45%RH
-AC, basement room is always ~68-72F big dehumidifier has room at 45 %RH constant to help tent
-Co2; , No

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Don’t think it will hurt to take a few of the big fan leaves. Take a few each day so the lower buds can get some light.

Looking wonderful! Good luck! :clap:t2::+1:t2::v::sunglasses:

Know that at this stage of the game your plant is unlikely to replace what you pull. You are like what 2 weeks from completeion?

I am more worried about mold. I have a hard time with lights off humidity going to 57% sometimes. Not sure if I should let it be or remove. It’s the end of life for the plants.

57% isn’t that high. If you have good circulation and frequent ventilation you shouldn’t have any issues with mold.

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Thanks like I said first grow really did not think the things would sprout. The MMJ where I live is too expensive and I want to get of some current meds.

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