Should I defoliate a very bushy girl?

Hi All,

I’m growing Blue Gelato 41 and she is incredibly bushy. I haven’t defoliated before as I normally just let her grow out but I’m concerned she’s not getting enough light penetration.

Should I defoliate?

I’m on my 3rd day of flower and growing organically in soil using the Bio Canna line.

Thanks for any advice

Happy growing


Very nice. I would tuck a few. And take a few leafs to create better light penetration and airflow. Personally, I would not get too aggressive.


Thanks @kellydans, I’ve just managed to tuck the top leaves in. Would you recommend only removing a couple big leaves at the bottom and middle of the plant only?

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Yes, I would take a few around the top for light penetration. An Open it up around the bottom a little to make it easier for watering And air flow Less than a week. You won’t even know you took them. It’ll feel back out.


of course, remove all the big leaves, they will be back in 2-3 days



Everyone has a different method, at the end of the day it’s all in preference and timing. A week or two before flip I’ll strip mine to the top of the canopy.


Thanks again @kellydans I’ve only taken a few at the top and I’ve left the bottom ones which are not in the or tucked. Big thank you again :+1:t6:

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