Should I cut the small buds off the plant

I have just 1 or 2 weeks left before harvest. Would it be beneficial to cut all the tiny little new buds off so the plant can use more energy on the bigger buds?

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Yes normally it would be beneficial
can you post a picture tho of the whole plant and then a second of the area your refering to ?
With out seeing what your working with its hard to give recommendations lol :joy: :v:️CB

You can definitely get in there and remove some of the under/ lower growth if you wish

I normally remove anything 6inches or lower on my stems just go slowly and done prune to much off start with the smallest side shoots and popcorn buds
It would benefit the top colas since the plant would redirect energy

Thanks for the help. Here is updated photos after pruning 20180918_150335|374x500