Should I cut my huge fan leaves at the top 3 n half weeks in veg

10 days latter

Do you think I should go ahead and flower now and also I really don’t a hundred percent understand how to use the trellis net should I drop the trellis net and Tuck all the leaves underneath the trellis net and then put another trellis net over top and if so how far above the bottom trellis net should I put the new trellis net and if you can give me a general idea on how to scrog I would appreciate it and as of yesterday I dropped the water level to about 2 to 3 in maybe 2 in below the net pot and I also put Hydro time and sand and the two three gallons to fill the bucket up more and cause the plant to stand up a little bit so I can reach the height of the one on the far right do you think that’s a good to

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I would wait but that’s because I prefer larger yields. They take off on month 2 of veg or 6 weeks. Branching becomes more pronounced and far more bud sites appear. Not so much height but they will jump a full 6"-12" stretch by width if topped. They bud faster however flower stage is a bit longer. I would not rush these girls.

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