Should I cut my huge fan leaves at the top 3 n half weeks in veg

I have three blue dreams I have two of them in a 3 gallon pots and I have the other one that’s been in a 2-gallon pot and it seems bigger than the other two I don’t know if maybe I transplanted them a week after seed I put them into 3 gallon pots but they’re short and bushy and I have these huge fan leaves at the top right before you would cut the top and I’m wondering if I should go ahead and cut those off so light could get down and penetrate to the canopy and grow taller

No, your plant is too small for any pruning.

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They are the only fans she has right now to gather light. If u prune at all it will b way later in veg or at transition.

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Damn I already did it but I left the fans on the other 2

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Why it so short is it because I put theme in 3 gal after 1 week old the one on the last been in its resavoir the whole time and it’s bigger

They’re not short, in fact, they look good and healthy.

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You think it’s going to be alright now after i cut it

Well, it’s too late now. Lol. Yeah, I’m sure they’ll be fine.

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Will help me out on this one you know I have them all three and the AeroGarden and after about a week I didn’t want the roots to get tangled up so I’ll put two of them in 3 gallon pots do you think that maybe that’s why those two are shorter then the one on the last it’s been in the AeroGarden since the beginning

On the two short ones it’s only like a half an inch for internode spacing like shouldn’t I have more space in between my internets

Plants grow at different rates and look different even if they are from the same seeds. There really isn’t anything gained by having a tall plant. A shorter plant can have justas much, if not more yield, so don’t worry about the height.

I think you can definitely put them into 3 gallon pots. I don’t think it makes much difference if they were in the Aerogarden, or not. They’re just different.

If you want farther spaced nodes then raise your light a few inches.

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Ok. I meant to say o already put theme in 3 gallons after about 9 days from seed. They were all in the areogarden for the first 9 days and then I trans planted about 3 weeks ago. Also my light is a bloombeastA520 was thinking maybe the light was turned to high

If your light is at 100%, you can lower it to 75%, or you can raise the light.

@Bloombeast I have 3 plants growing now that germinated the same day. 1 is 26 in, 1 is 16 in, and 1 is 10 in. different plants grow differently … not to worry just keep her good and healthy and she’ll be fine

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I’ve been handling BD for a minute. It will get a lot taller and wider if topped. Height will not be an issue if you plan for it. Do keep in mind that if topped early you’re plant will be 3’ wide. If its an ILGM strain then plan your spacing adequately else wise they will crowd your grow space. I have a mom and 2 clones they all are around the 3’ girth range and spreading.
ILGM GSCx even worse. It is heading towards 4’ wide @3’ tall. Lil monster

My 4x4x8 can only accommodate 4-5 plants because of sizes they reach.

I need to ask you some things about this BD can I please call you ? I did top early about the 3 week mark but I just feel there to short to flower almost 5 weeks veg the first 2 weeks 300 ppm and then 800 ppm but it’s just now starting to Bush out and I got some fam leaves that’s bigger than the whole plant can I cit them and just now starting to tie down the branches some. On one plant I cut all the huge fan leaves but she recovers and the one in the middle I left two sets of fan leaves and was thinking of cutting them and the one on the end right has been in 1 gallon res the whole 4 weeks just transplanted to a 2 gallon yesterday and she’s bigger than all of em and the other 2 been in 3 gallon after 7 days of germ

far rightthe middle 1

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