Should I cut her upper fan leaves to help lower growth?

Would my plant benefit from chopping these two huge upper fan leaves? The lower growth isn’t getting much light

Nice work, happy and healthy! I would actually top her, let her grow some more colas = more yield!

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First, your girl is looking healthy. Is this a auto or photo. Another thing that I’m curious about have you considered transplanting into larger pot.

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Thank u it’s a female gorilla glue plant the easiest damn thing I’ve ever grown she just grows regardless if I make a mistake or not! The pot is 5 gallons im growing in my basement how big do U think I can get??

Thanks! I’ve topped once I already I was actually waiting for someone to tell me it’s ok to top AGAIN?!?! the new growth looks so healthy I didn’t want to disturb anything I did take the fan leaves off tho because the lower leaves weren’t getting any light at al /:

I attempted to train my outdoor ladies with the bending method however they leaves have been sagging down ever since! Is that because of the stress or does this look like over watering? (Which I have not done) soul is pretty dry

Then I would prune the leaves and anything in the way of the new colas, you want them to catch up with the others :slight_smile:

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Looks like you may have fim’d as opposed to topped.

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Correct! I did fim I don’t even know I did it but I did lol. Is that why the leaves are sagging?? The stress from bending the branches ? :tired_face: will they bounce back???

If your soil is dry water it! Leaves will droop if underwatered too! And if you are using the sun power, leave the fan leaf there, the sun god is mighty powerful… big penetration. I dont cut mine off !


Do they perk up in the morning or at lights on? If so they may have processed all of the light they can for the day and go to “sleep” mode. If not, start looking into watering issue (over/under). How much and how often do you water?

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one thing you maybwant to be careful with when growing under the all powerful grow light is the black pots! They get stupid hot and you cook the rootball. That can also cause a plant distress. Cover the pots in white or hide them with a board from the sunlight.

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And Im confused again… are you growing those indoors or outdoors…? Personally, I would do one or the other, but not both.

:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire: I SEE YOU!!! I love it

That is prob the worlds greatest smoke!?

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Outdoor mostly but on the cloudy days I
Put them in the tent because they don’t see a bunch of light outside unfortunately and I don’t think the one Led that I currently have is enough for all 5 of them not including the bigger one I already have in the tent lol

You would be surprised, if you look at most commercial greenhouses, they use diffuse poly or poly carbonate coverings. Just because we cant see the light doesnt mean plants cant. If you look at my greenhouse that covering is like a cloudy day all the time. Plants actually like that as it reduces leaf surface temperature. This allows them to continue to transpire rather than shut down to conserve water. I just took a picture from the base of my plant to give me an idea of the light penetration.
Its pouring rain today…

one thing about indoor outdoor, is pests can be a serious issue. Once you take a plant outside, little critters will be attracted to it. Aphids, white flys, gnats… nature has a way of dealing with that. As well, bugs will see multiple food sources and hop from plant to plant. This keeps damage balanced for the most part. Indoors they have no other food source but your plants.
Ive been to some grows that dont allow street clothes past the front room. Little booties for your shoes. Tyvek suit… bugs are a serious issue, these growers want pure organics with no pesticides at all.
Im open air, so I expect some chewing, but my plants are healthy and share their space with tomatoes and peppers, bugs are free to come and go and I have living soil with worms, ants and mushrooms too.

I did have a Few aphids leaping around but some pesticide spray has done its job keeping them away. My plants didn’t start dropping until I LST them. Even when it rains they don’t perk up anymore!! I’m thinking under watering or not enough sunlight ??

Na they haven’t perked up in like 2-3 days they stay outside for most of the day