Should I cut for light/airflow

Should I trim some large fan leaves or just let grow?

This is my first grow and I have not snipped / cut / pruned anything. I did some low stress training and that’s where I messed up . She just started to flowering and is stressed pretty bad. I choked her at the main-stem and been trying to let her recover. However she is so short and bushy like nothing below gets light / much air flow. I started them 10-15-22 , white widow autoflower (possibly ak47, lol mixed the tags up).

I think she could use some trimming. I would take anything that is touching the dirt and maybe one or two of the very large leaves that are blocking light from the side branches. my two cents…


Those larger leaves on the side kind of have a rougher texture than the others. that whole side is where she got damaged. i opened the tent and it looked like someone gave half of my plant a horse tranquillizer. thx @Riskguy

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is pinching less stress than cutting off the leaf? seems like little pinch and it shut the plant wound better???

A pinch is ok…just want to make sure you pinch off cleanly…sometimes a strip of the branch comes off if you are not careful. They are more resilient than you think.

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Thx didn’t read that tidbit anywhere