Should I continue to water until i reach ideal runoff PH?

Hello and thank you for your time. I have 5 white rhino photos (ILGM seeds) in CoM Stonington in 5 gallon fabric pots. I’m going into about 6 weeks now. Started noticing what looked like deficiencies in the leaves a few days ago so checked runoff yesterday. Going in PH was 6.5 and ppms were under 100. Out: PH 6.9-7.0 ppms 800. I gave one enough to get runoff just now, ph in 6.1 ppms 90, out: 6.8 ppms 1200. I did change my method of balancing ph a week or so ago from the liquid viagrow to baking soda and lemon juice. I have been feedling FF big bloom and grow big at reduced amounts along with their cal-mag product at full strength for about 2 weeks now every other watering. Did changing the method cause the spike in ph? CoM’s website said it’s ph to 6.5 and has been pretty consistent with that until now. Ultimately, should i continue to water/flush until i get back down closer to 6.5, or will it be ok to slowly do it over the next week through scheduled watering?

Your media is depleted, thus the deficiencies. A slightly high PH going into flower isn’t a bad thing as PH tends to drop in flower. You do need to be adding supplements: I’d prefer a runoff TDS in soil to be around 2,000 ppm minimum.


Sounds good on PH. Why would my ppms go up today after more straight water? I was expecting it to actually be lower than yesterday. I should be more than fine to up to the recommended dosage of the big bloom and grow big at this point then?

Likely hit a pocket of untapped nutes which rinsed into your runoff.

If you are using FF I would suggest feeding with silica and cal mag as well: target your TDS for somewhere around 1,100 ppm and continue until harvest ( or when plant’s uptake drops off).


10-4 and thank you! Something like the Botanicare silica blast ok to use?

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That’s perfect.

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