Should I continue to try to grow in the Rockwool cubes again?


A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

I recently germinated and planted into rockwool cubes. Both of the seedlings died after becoming about an inch and a half tall. I was wondering if I could ask your expertise in this situation should I continue to try to grow in the Rockwool cubes again. I live on the East Coast in North Carolina so it’s very humid I think the plants had fungus in the cubes.


I personally don’t use them at all
Although some of the others swear by them
If growing in soil germinate ising cup/paper towel method
Once you have a tap root 1/4-1/2 inch place in soil no deeper then 1/2 with tap eoot facing down if possible if not they will correct Themselves
In 24-48 hours your sprouts should pop up
Happy growing
So to answer your question rock wool is not necessary
Join us on the forum theres lots of great members and info available to help guide you yo successful harvests
Happy growing :v:️CB


i have used small rockwool cubes in the past for cuttings and had great success , but there is a little bit of prep required before using rockwool. During the manufacturing process to make rockwool some residues can be left in the finished product and it must be leached before use . i put my slab
or cubes of rockwool in the laundry sink and pour several litres of boiling water through the cubes to leach any nasty residuals from the cubes before using. After rinsing the cubes in lukewarm water I make a 50/50 mix of perlite and vermiculite and make a bed of this in my seedling tray. I saturate this with a very weak veg solution and then place my rockwool into this mix so that the cubes are approximately halfway buried into the mix. Poke a hole into the cube , pop you seed inside , push a little bit of the rockwool over the top of the seed so that it is covered from the light . Put a humidity dome over the top of your tray and dont add any more water until the seeds sprout . Only add water to the perlite / vermiculite mix and not the rockwool cube to encourage the roots to search for the water. A ph of 6.0 should be fine for the water . No nutes until roots penetrate the perlite/vermiculite mix and even then 1/4 is more than enough. Dont give up yet .


I haven’t used those cubes before so my opinion is kinda irrelevant, but i always grow from seed. I just pop them in some nice soil after germination, and in about 2 days they pop up. When they are little i think its the toughest to keep alive just have to be easy on them and let them get a nice root system before anything else. Id say take a chance without and see how you fair. Happy growing!


That would be my recommendation as well for sprouting seeds, Its what i do, just trying to help the guy with the material he has at hand.


Hello everyone, thank you for your advice. I am germinating a seed today and then planting directly into soil which is in a solo cup. Do you guys think thats a good idea? Let me know. Thanks


As long as its not a clear solo you should be good. I would suggest light watering till plant is about 2 or 3 teirs high. Hope it works out for you!


Also, does anyone know anything about nutrient feeding? How often? That sort of thing.

thanks in advance!


The solo cup is blue. Thanks