Should I consider this day one of flower?


This is my blue dream plant. She has been in 12/12 for exactly 3 weeks as of tomorrow. Would you guys say that I should start counting days from this point? I’m obviously going to use other means to determine when to harvest but definitely like to have a gauge on when she started…

What say you Internet friends?


I call them in flower after the first two weeks. The flowering guide just gives you basic time. Looking @ trichs gives you when ready, depending on what effect youre looking for.


Yeah I know, I would just like to have a start and end date for a rough guide… A lot of people say the start date is when the initial bud is present.

Like I said she’s been in there for three weeks straight 12 and 12 in this is the first sign so I just wanted to get some opinions


I go by the first sign of pistils. I think most go by that generally. Hope that helps. When did you first see pistils?


That’s the thing. Nothing really significant until like yesterday/today


I typically start counting after 2 weeks after switching the light over to 12/12.


Then you can start the count from today and get a rough idea how long from now


@Walt80 if you saw pistils yesterday start counting from that date. and remember that the flowering time listed is an average. Some go a lot longer and others somewhat shorter! I have blue dream seeds myself and I am going to get them going soon!


Cool man. I’ve got a blue dream, Girl Scout cookies, pure Indica and a white widow going in my 4 x 4 right now. Pretty excited.


Myself I start counting about 10-14 days after switching to 12hr. schedule. Here is a picture from my last grow at day 22 after switching. I do hydro and have an EBB and flow system.


Here is mine 6 days after I first noticed signs of flower, and 20 days after I flipped from 12/12:

And here it is 28 days from the flip to 12/12: