Should I clip these leaves?

Trimmed two yellow leaves but was wondering if i should clip the little ones on the bottom and the one with the hole as well. Other plant is same strain and age for reference on how much growth was deferred.

These bottom leaves are also yellowing should i cut em or wait for signs of improvement

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Leave as many on as u can for now til it get a bit bigger. Leaves r what does the work right now and without leaves is no work for the plant. What nutes r u using for so mich yellow at such a small size.

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Been using General Hydroponics Armor Si, Gen Hyd Floramicro-gro-bloom and Cal-Mag. Ph was at 5.8 but over a couple days rose to 7.5, i just set it back to 5.8

I use General hydroponics

What’s your ppm…?
125 to 250… good to go…