Should I clean these leaves up?

I’m getting close to harvest. Some trichomes are starting to cloud up. Should I get rid of all these yellow leaves?


Your choice growmie. Long as you got good air flow and no mold issues. I think it makes better pics with the contrast



You could clean up some of the dead ones near the bottom but other that I’d leave the rest alone till just before harvest.
Like @DoneDeal said above. So long as air flow is good.:+1:



I would leave them, reason being the plant knows it’s life cycle it also spent and pulling vital resources from its fan leaves to protect its flower, trimming these fans leaves could cause it to pull off the sugar leaves which will result with crispy looking buds or hours more of trimming.

Many moons ago when I ran synthetics I’d have this from time to time.

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That’s a Kodak moment I would let them go and enjoy the bud porn

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I’d only clean up the dry or crusty leaves.

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NO! She is perfect! WOW!