Should I chop this bud early?

I’m on day 55 of flower growing sugar candy from delicious seeds, currently flushing (runoff 300 ppm) using 100watt leds for each plant(only have 2 plants), the buds look pretty good but over night I have a couple sugar leaves that are close to one of the main colas turn completely yellow, and pretty much almost touching bud, should I chop this bud early ?Processing: 1DAFA123-39E7-45B2-8427-1A4E2258C5F1.jpeg…

Your pic didn’t get posted. You need to wait a few seconds after uploading a photo for it to get processed before you hit send.

55 days is probably too early. What do the trichomes look like?


Once you stop feeding the plant will take nutrients from the oldest leaves first. So that should be expected when you start flushing. Like @MidwestGuy is asking…What do the trichomes look like?

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They are 80% cloudy 20% clear still here are a couple more pics of other nugs

Processing: 59A8A708-ADBB-4C8E-83F6-932D2B97DF34.jpeg…

A problem with harvesting too early can be that you get weed that gives a speedy, anxiety producing high. I’ve heard of people throwing away early harvests because of it.

If you are looking for that, then go for it. If you want something that is more mellow, then I’d wait maybe 2 weeks.

They look nice and sugary. Should be some great weed.

Awesome thank you ! So I shouldn’t worry about the yellowing sugar leaves ?

She looks like she needs some nitrogen and your PPM is low. Yes. I would give her a respectable feeding. Maybe 2 more feedings.


@MidwestGuy has you covered.

Thanks for the feed back, I feed them this morning , I’ll give you guys a update in a week too see what u think

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A week later after being feed , how do they look

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